Most of the early Midgets recordings got released in one form or another except for various out takes. It was in the 90’s up to the present that we did the most recordings that are unreleased. We hope to organize and release all these sessions.

                                         April - May, August 1992, Mallon Studios SF, CA

                                     June 1992, Broadway Studio., NYC, NY

                                     Lineup : Craig Gray (guitar), Paul Hood (guitar),

                                     Joe Goldring (bass,vox NYC), Tim Mooney (drums),

                                     Jacqui Delaney (vox NYC), Kathryn Harris (vox SF)

                                     Jeff Murphy (vox SF)

                                     Songs : 17th and Misery, Bossa Nova, Clock, Fathom*,

Little Charlene, Pop Song, Quiet, Rest Area, Rock & Roll, Sad Song, Screen, Seamless*, Slow*, Teenage, Wolf Blitzer, Wrong Note, Various Jams

     *     denotes versions recorded in SF and NYC

Tom has these recordings listed with the working title of “Trout Fishing in America” with art by Boo Mallon. These are the last recordings with Tim Mooney and Joe Goldring.  

Trout Fishing in America

Ripley’s World

Late 1992, early 1993, Mallon Studios, SF, CA

Lineup : Craig Gray (guitar), Paul Hood (guitar), Erich Werner (bass), Tom Mallon (drums),

David Ripley (vox)

Songs : Fast/Slow, Fish, Koresh, Small Town, Younger Brother

This was the first session for this lineup and the only recording with Ripley.

Kommotion International

July 15, 1995, Komotion International Club, SF, CA

Lineup : Craig Gray (guitar), Paul Hood (guitar), Erich Werner (bass), Tom Mallon (drums)

Song  list : Set 1 - Quiet Song, Clock, No Paul No, Nein, Chas, Younger Brother, Fast Six,

                Slow Six, Bolero

                Set 2 - Petrouchka, Beetles, Soft Face, Xploitation, Bossa Nova, Seven, The River,  Machine, Lovin Feelin, Chas, Bolero

We recorded a live show comprised of 2 sets to 16 track ADAT. We played every song we knew at the time.

Random Access Noise

1994 - 1996, Mallon Studios, SF

Lineup : Craig Gray (guitar), Paul Hood (guitar), Erich Werner (bass), Tom Mallon (drums)

Partial song list : Tadpole Fever, Turkish, 1 - 100

These recordings include the Stravinsky experiment which yielded 100 song ideas as well as various recorded rehearsals and Tom’s whim.

Viola, 1754, Edmond Areaton

April 1996, Mallon Studios, SF, CA

Lineup : Craig Gray (guitar), Paul Hood (guitar), Erich Werner (bass), Tom Mallon (drums),  Joanna Hood (viola)

Songs : 222, Song in C#, Train Set, Swamp Thing

Joanna Hood was in town one weekend with her viola for an old instrument show in Oakland. We got together on a Sunday afternoon and recorded these 4 songs.

Lost and Found

1980 - 2013

Over the years we have done various recordings on everything that would record, mostly cassette tape based, more recently, digitally. Ricky recorded over or took many of the early things that he was on. Some just disappeared over the years, some we have yet to find. They had various lineups, usually whoever was there and alot of the people listed above.

Some of the tracks from these sessions can be found on the “A Smaller Life” double LP to be released by EKTRO, info can be found here.